VIDI Action Cameras

The Vidi action camera originally had a hard time differentiating itself from the Go Pro. With the price point being nearly one-fourth the price of a go pro, it was hard to assure consumers that the product was still high quality. The old web design, while functional, was a quickly thrown together template design that did gave the impression that the quality of the product, and the company was sub-par.

The main focus, in my opinion, to change this mentality, and better win over this touch point in the buying cycle, was to make the website as sleek, modern, and geared towards the target audience as possible. One trouble was that it had to mainly focus on one single product, which makes generating enough unique content a challenge. Through this simple, unique web design, I believe it capture the lifestyle that Vidi was selling to it's customers; while at the same time being informative of all features and value that the product provides in an easy to understand, repetitive way.

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